Glassprimerâ„¢ Spandrel glass Paint
The industry standard for back painting glass.

About spandrel glass paint

Glassprimer™ Glass paint is used to create professional color coated glass for the glass industry.

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Glassprimer™ is the leading supplier of permanent bonding back paint for glass. The innovative technology within Glassprimer™ paint is second to none, nanotechnology combined with high performance properties ensures a true paint to glass permanent bond that outlasts all other coatings for spandrel glass. Some companies offer a rubber like coating to create spandrel glass, this coating is not permanent. This rubber like coating is extremely soft and will weaken, delaminate and sometimes "melt" off of the glass surface when placed in direct sunlight environments. Glassprimer™ glass paint is rated up to 350F, has a hard durable scratch resistant surface and has no problems when put in direct sunlight.


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